Kevin and Leah

We are so glad to be a part of the education of a child in India. What a wonderful opportunity to impact a young life forever. Thank you!

Doug and Beverly

We have found we can impact a child's life immensely with the cost of 2 McDonald's meals or 4 Starbucks' coffees. The world is too wonderful for all these children to not be all they can be.


It brings more joy to my heart to sponsor our child than any other gift we've given or received.


I love the notes from the kids! It encourages my heart. They are getting healthy and an education in the most dire of circumstances. Thank you, DFN, for all your hard work.


I love giving to children! They will be a blessing to India's future if they decide to stand for their education and I will stand and fight for it with them!


Sponsoring two children in Bangalore through DFN has been a wonderful experience for my family. Through writing and receiving letters, my children have really connected with our sponsored children in a meaningful way. As we learn about their culture and personal lives, our hearts are growing in love for them.


I feel like a giddy proud parent. It's awesome.