Why Sponsor a Child?
There are more children in India than any other country in the world. Every day many of them live in acute danger of being trafficked, maimed, or sold into slavery. Nearly 30% of the 25,000 children receiving an English-based education at our Dalit Education Centers have parents who are bonded laborers. When you sponsor a child, you make an investment in their freedom and their future. Without your help, most cannot stay in school or escape the poverty that puts them at risk for commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or bonded labor.

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Congratulations to our 2013 Graduates!
Education, which is sustained by child sponsorship, is the key to total community transformation. The first indicators of this transformation are, without a doubt, the scores of graduating Dalit children that emerge from our DECs across India equipped with the skills and aspirations for a successful future. We are thrilled to announce that we celebrated more than 150 new graduates in 2013! Children who would otherwise stand to inherit the debts of their fathers or grandfathers, who would be forced into indentured servitude in order to repay these debts, are now able to read and write in English and have diplomas from accredited Indian schools. Children who, just by the nature of their birth, are at risk of being trafficked or faced with the prospect of dehumanizing and degrading work are now equipped with science, math, and computer skills. Above all, the most valuable lesson learned is their self-worth and the understanding that the world is truly open to them. The 2013 graduates embody this sense of hope and success as they embark upon their next journey. Many will continue their studies at higher education institutions; others will go on to learn a vocation at a technical school. No matter which path our students pursue, we are confident that they will continue to prevail against the oppression of poverty and achieve enormous success--all thanks to your unwavering support.
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Who are the Dalits?

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